Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally moving

My long time friend and now brother in law Chris has just about finished his Ironhead.

This bike has been sort of a slow moving project but it's been worth the wait. This is definitely my favorite IH and I wish I would have built my '69 this way and kept it! Nice job chris!

Gil had to come out and see for himself and of course we all stood around comparing these guys bikes. Tall guy, short bike. Short guy, tall bike. HAHAHA
Chris came up with this pipe design and really followed through. Clean lines perfect execution.

This IH project started when Chris's doberman Max was just a pup, look at him now! Killer dog, killer bike.

Oh ya and Happy Birthday Chris!!


  1. wild sissy bar for sure, looks great, good job on that ih, moustache looks killer too

  2. Mexillent! Tank and pipes are the shiznit!