Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've been making some space in my life, putting some distance between myself and certain people/things. The "winds of change" are about to blow my ass over and I'm doing every thing I can to stay on top of my life right now.

I'm going to be selling my '58 fairlane and my '62 Corvair Van to focus on my '64 C-10 pickup and the finish work on my shovelhead. I think I'm also gonna let my BSA project go and the Ironhead that I just procured in the hopes of building a little drag bike. I've got too damn many irons in the fire and I'm tired of it! Working on six projects a little bit at a time gets me no where closer to having any of them finished. It's time to let them go on to other garage builder types who might actually make something happen.

This is me and the wife on the beach in Jamaica last year, I wish I was there right now! Instead I'm headed back to New Mexico again for some middle of nowhere plumbing work.


  1. Awesome man, best of luck on the next chapter! ...hey so if y'alls last name is Brown... You could Safely say that you two are making a brownie?!

  2. I have some service info for a 1964 C-10, use to own one long ago...figure passing it your way could close a chapter in my life. if you want it drop me a email